FARO acquires SiteScape

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FARO Technologies has announced the acquisition of SiteScape, an innovative provider of LiDAR-based 3D scanning software solutions for the construction and maintenance markets. SiteScape enables mobile devices fitted with LiDAR to capture indoor environments digitally in a simple way, providing an easy-access gateway to indoor scanning for many fields of application.

The integration of SiteScape's iOS-enabled, lower-resolution LiDAR capture capability into the FARO Sphere platform is another step toward bundling multiple capture methods into one central environment. This unique capability enables FARO's construction and facilities customers to access a particularly broad portfolio of reality capture methods on the market, which now includes low-resolution lidar, 360-degree photos, video, mobile mapping and terrestrial laser scanning.

Considering the millions of mobile devices with LiDAR capability already available on the market, the acquisition of SiteScape allows a significant number of users to access the benefits of FARO's reality capture solutions.


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