FARO As-Built 2020 - What's new?

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FARO has optimized the as-built software and implemented new or improved features. So what is new in the 2020 version?

New in FARO As-Built Modeler 2020

FARO has introduced new features to make modeling easier, faster and more accurate:

  • Merge Regions allows you to select multiple regions and merge them into one.
    As of now, you can select if you project the regions
    • on a UCS,
    • to the plane of the largest selected region, or
    • on the basis of a weighted average.
    ...There are still setting options available for the operation.
  • This version now supports most of the CAD operations in the QuickView. You can create regions, cylinders, UCS and perform operations such as Merge Regions and editing.
  • Notifications for CAD tools – While using CAD tools, the bottom section of your application window will give you clues on the steps to perform and on keyboard shortcuts.
  • The SendToSEMA function passes 3D coordinates to SEMA software where it can be used to place construction elements.
  • As-Built Modeler now supports the export of point cloud data to SEMA point cloud format *.spw. This allows exporting unstructured point cloud date with optional information such as color, intensity, when available.

The following improvements have been realized:

  • Rendering Quality in QuickView – The CAD rendering in the QuickView was showing visual artefacts in some orientations. Here, regions would overlap with point cloud data in such a way that a mismatch was apparent. This visual artefact was reduced, and the relative position is now rendered more accurately.
  • Keyboard input on numerical sliders – You can now click on the slider value to enter a number manually. This can be done by typing the number, or by using the numerical up/down buttons.
  • Line Thickness – Lines are now displayed thicker so that both seeing the lines and selecting the lines are easier
  • "Create UCS" has moved to the side panel – We now have a single icon Create UCS, which now exposes the tool options in the side panel. Here you find tool tip information.


New in FARO As-Built for AutoCAD 2020

FARO VirtuSurv is no longer included as of version 2020. But now the As-Built Modeler is added.
These are the new features and enhancements in As-Built for AutoCAD 2020

Enhanced "Plant Tools"

Updates of As-Built Plant contain more user-friendly command and Plant Spec names.

Improved "Walk The Run" Dialog

In the "Walk The Run" workflow and dialog, you are now allowed to modify the "Active Set" without quitting the tool.

Efficient modeling of pipes

The new "Copy Pipes" command makes it possible to model recurring pipes more efficiently. A new property "Fixed for Apply Constraints" allows the locking of components for the "Apply Constraints" process. You can optimize the workflow by using further commands such as "Auto Link Pipes" and "Move Fittings".

Enhanced "Plant Export"

Thanks to the optimzed "Export Pipes to Tagging Objects" function, you can export piping systems to tagging objects simply without loading a structure definition, same as for the new "Export Steel to Tagging Objects" function for structural members. Using the new "Export Elbows as curved centerlines" command, you can export pipe elbow centerlines as splines.

New: "Copy and Fit Beams"

For single beams or small groups of beams, quickly copy and fit beams by selecting an existing beam(s) and a reference base point; then simply click within the point cloud to place the new beams. The beams are immediately and automatically fitted to the point cloud.

For large groups of beams, the "AutoCAD Copy" command can be used. Once placed, the new "As-Built Batch Fit Beams" command must be run to fit the beams to the point cloud.

Enhanced "Fit Beam" Dialog

The new Fit Beam dialog has a new clearer layout. You can change the "Active Set" on the fly without leaving the command. "Detect Type" now supports round steel profiles.

New: 3D Mesh Support

A new "Mesh Ribbon" tab has been introduced in 2020 with tools for loading and displaying 3D meshes (OBJ or STL). Meshes can be navigated as with any other geometry object and can displayed in textured, shaded, solid, and wireframe visual styles.

With the "Mesh Surface Snap", polylines and other geometry can be drawn on top of the 3D mesh. In addition, 3D meshes can now be used as surface or source of color in the tools for the creation of true to scale image plans.

New: "Slope and Grade Measurement" tool

The new slope and grade measurement tool makes it simple to quickly calculate distance, slope, and grade from two selected points.

Explode to Axis Line

You can now more easily access the tool to extract axis and circumference geometry from fitted cylinders.


New in FARO As-Built for Revit 2020

The new version of As-Built for Autodesk Revit offers fast and intuitive workflows for processing 3D laser scan data directly into Autodesk Revit using Revit objects and BIM models. It is the perfect complement for Revit users working with large point clouds and perfectly fits into the familiar Revit user interface. It features a wide range of analysis tools for 3D laser scan data with customized commands for modeling and detailing BIM elements.

FARO VirtuSurv is no longer included as of version 2020, but the As-Built Modeler is.


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