FARO Freestyle 2 available for rent now

Heads up! You can rent the FARO Freestyle 2 now!

You want to use the Freestyle 2 only for a few days or a few weeks? No problem.
We offer the FARO Freestyle 2 not only for purchase but also for rental at favorable conditions.

The FARO Freestyle looks familiar to you?

The new handheld scanner from FARO is a follow-up to the first version called Freestyle3D. The Freestyle 2 is a portable handheld scanner and works stand-alone. You no longer need a tablet PC, but can follow your scan progress easily on an Android smartphone.

Work with an accuracy of up to 0.5mm with high-quality color scans. Scan your object in just a few minutes without losing data. You can also capture large scan areas thanks to the new tracking algorithms. Moreover, a new user interface makes the scanning process easier.

Why to rent the Freestyle 2 from Laserscanning Europe?

We tell you 5 good reasons why you should rent the Freestyle 2 from us:

  1. You get a free initial consultation. Our skilled experts will discuss your project requirements and the best scan system for your job.
  2. We rent you the FARO Freestyle 2 including high-end smartphone.
  3. If you do not have a license of FARO Scene for the analysis of scan data, we will gladly send you a Scene dongle.
  4. When renting, you pay only a fractional amount of the purchase price.
  5. The handling of the rental is very simple. We deliver the scanner to the desired location (optionally also a parcel station) and have it picked up again at the end of the rental period?


> Rent FARO Freestyle 2


Do you have questions about the FARO Freestyle 2? Simply contact us by phone at +49 (0)391 6269960 or by mail at info@laserscanning-europe.com.