Handheld scanner FARO Freestyle3D X with X-tra accuracy

Dear laser scanning community,

With the release of Freestyle3D X, FARO expands its range of products by a second intuitive handheld 3D scanner. With an enhanced scanning accuracy of 1mm, the hand-operated scanner is suited for customers with considerable high demands on data quality.

The automatic flash mode allows users to capture objects under different lighting conditions. New software features ensure an extremely detailed visualization of the created point cloud. For Freestyle3D X, noise is reduced by up to 35 %. Due to improved functions for post-processing, a significantly higher data writing speed and thus a more efficient workflow are gained.

Such as Freestyle3D, Freestyle3D X is suited for a variety of applications in the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), law enforcement and more. Since the Freestyle3D X is delivered with (NIST) traceable calibration accessory, users can verify the data accuracy, which is highly relevant for forensic medicine, for instance. You can output the calibration data in PDF format and easily share it with third parties.

You can use FARO Freestyle3D and Freestyle3D X standalone or in combination with a FARO Focus3D X scanner for example if you intend to merge the detailed scans from the handheld scanner with the point clouds from the terrestrial laser scanner.

You get more information on FARO Freestyle3D X in our webshop. Do you have questions on the product? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Your Laserscanning Europe team