Laser Scanner News 04/2020

Despite Covid-19, the laser scanning market is not asleep and there are many news to report. We have summarized the latest developments for you:

  1. The rumour mill is working over time about a mobile backpack scanner from Navvis. Furthermore Navvis has improved the software.
  2. Leica now bundles the BLK scanner with its Leica Cyclone Field 360 App.
  3. News from the software market: PointCab update & Gexcel update
  4. New software Pointly announced for classification of scan data
  5. GeoSLAM "Out Of The Box" campaign
  6. New LSE accessories: now also reference spheres, targest and ground-level tripods available for the Leica RTC360
  7. Vehicle mount for the GeoSLAM scanner


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