Laser Scanner News 06/2021

Hello laser scanner friends,

in the current episode, we present the news from the areas of laser scanner hardware and software:



The video includes the latest news from the following manufacturers:

  • Ligthware Lidar introduces the smallest and lightest LIDAR scanner.
  • DotProduct product news
  • Quanergy LIDAR sensor and 3D perception software maker gets $278 million investment
  • Velodyne introduces the next generation Velabit sensor. The so-called "under $100" lidar is expected to go into mass production in Q4 2022.
  • Acer introduces SpatialLabs, a 3D viewing option without 3D glasses.
  • FARO Technologies acquires Holobuilder to expand its Digital Twin Suite
  • Scanning data and panoramic images for a digital stadium tour at 1. FCM Magdeburg. Joint project : Laserscanning Europe and Benaco Software
  • FARO presents the pano adapter for Ricoh Theta Z1 camera for the Focus S series. To order in our shop. Current Scene Version 2021 required.


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