Laser Scanner News 12/2020

Hello laser scanner friends,

In the last episode of the year 2020, we have again the market news from the areas of laser scanners, point cloud software and laser scanner accessories.

We present the following topics for you:


Presentation of SiteScape app for iPhone devices with LIDAR

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FARO Zone 3D 2021

Updates to the forensic software solution from FARO: New registration and Zone 2go Viewer for the presentation of forensic investigation data.

> More information @ FARO


Leica Cyclone Enterprise

The software is a user-managed, on-site project and data management solution for reality capture applications. Leica Cyclone Enterprise provides a simplified management and collaboration platform for enterprise use, based on Leica Geosystems' JetStream technology.

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Laser Scanner Accessories

LSE's Round Checkerboard Target

The round checkerboard target is a cost-effective solution for users who prefer round targets in their laser scanning projects. With the aid of the adapter, you can use the checkerboatd target on Leica spigots. The center of the checkerboard target is thus identical to a standard Leica circular prism. In addition, a magnet is included in the set so that you can also easily attach the checkerboard target to metallic surfaces.
This checkerboard target is an alternative to the original Leica black & white scan target GZT21.

> More information about the roundcheckerboard 4.5" with magnetic connection

> More information about the round checkerboard 4,5" with adapter for Leica spigot



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