New: 2-way tripod for Trimble X7 laser scanner

Our popular 2-way telescope tripod is now available not only for FARO or Leica laser scanners, but now also for the Trimble X7!

The 2-way telescope tripod allows you to scan upright with your Trimble X7 up to a height of 4.00m. If you want to position your Trimble X7 below the surface (for example, in a manhole), you can reach a depth of up to 4.50m.

Scan upright or upside down with a single tripod – The main rod of the tripod is equipped with a 5/8" adapter and can be mounted either upright or upside down.
The 3D Safety Adapter allows quick and easy mounting of the X7 to the tripod and secures your valuable measurement equipment when scanning overhead. By attaching the extension rods, you can continuously extend the crank rod. This allows you to position your Trimble X7 flexibly for your measurement task.

Product features of the 2-way telescope tripod

The tripod has a 5/8" thread. You can easily adjust the effective height with a crank drive, which you can operate manually or with a cordless screwdriver. Thanks to the non-twist crank column and the additional leg braces for even more safety, safe and effective working is guaranteed. With the robust quick-release and an integrated spirit level, the tripod is quickly and accurately levelled, so you can start scanning in no time. The feet of the tripod have shoes, that can be used outdoor or indoor – optimal stability is guaranteed.
Its low weight of 8.5kg for an aluminum tripod and the compact transport length of 1.30m ensure that you are flexible in every situation. The tripod is suitable for all scanners with a 5/8" thread (for upright scanning) and up to a weight of 20kg in continuous operation.

The 3D Safety Adapter for Trimble X7

For the Trimble X7, we offer a special safety adapter that reliably protects the X7 when scanning overhead.
Simply attach the plate of the overhead adapter to the original base plate of your scanner. The Trimble X7 is quickly and securely screwed in place using the 5/8" star grip screw. Use the three M4 screws provided to secure the plate additionally.

The scanner with the mounted adapter plate can be easily attached to the tripod – simply push it in and secure it with the safety splint.

Accessories for Trimble X7 in our shop

The 2-way telescope tripod for Trimble X7 is available including the 3D safety adapter.

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However, you also have the possibility to purchase the 3D Safety Adapter as a single item. The adapter is optionally available with female or male thread.

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