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Those who are already familiar with the ingenious anti-reflection sprays from AESUB know about their advantages. Objects that can hardly or not at all be captured with a 3D scanner can be scanned without any problems thanks to the AESUB sprays. The scanning sprays from AESUB enable you to capture transparent areas (such as glass) or reflective and mirroring surfaces quickly and easily. The anti-reflective spray is simply applied to the object in a thin, homogeneous layer and creates excellent contrasts for 3D scanning. The object can now be captured effortlessly. Simply spray, scan, and you're done. The scanning sprays are available in different variants: blue, white and now also orange and green.

AESUB orange

The great advantage of AESUB orange is that the scanning spray evaporates automatically after scanning, making time-consuming cleaning unnecessary. In contrast to AESUB blue, the coating remains in place for a very long time. This makes re-spraying unnecessary for large scan objects.


AESUB green

AESUB green has the same properties as AESUB orange, but differs in size and application. AESUB green is a container solution for spray guns, available as 1 liter or 5 liters. This means that even objects such as vehicles, boats or other large objects can be captured effortlessly.


Optimized for higher productivity

By using this sublimating spray, you maximize efficiency and productivity in the scanning process. AESUB orange and green contain, in addition to the active ingredient, a propellant gas and solvent. The spray has been designed for maximum material compatibility. It sublimates completely within 24 hours, leaving no residue.
Moreover, laboratories, sensors, environments and users are not contaminated by pigments.

AESUB orange & green


In a nutshell: What are AESUB scanning sprays suitable for?

  • Easy optical digitization of objects that are difficult to capture (e.g. transparent, shiny or reflective components)
  • Projects in which a touch-proof coating is required, which volatilizes independently after the scanning process
  • Spraying of the scan object without subsequent cleaning - the spray evaporates without leaving any residue behind


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