New Product! Our UAV ground control points

UAV Ground Control Points for photogrammetric & LiDAR 3D surveying

Our new control points are suitable for both photogrammetric and LiDAR 3D surveying. Since you always need several ground control points for your project, a set of UAV control points consists of 10 GCPss each. In order to achieve increased accuracy, it is recommended to additionally determine the geocoordinates of the placed UAV control points via a GPS system or by means of a total station.

UAV ground control points

UAV ground control points 50 x 50          UAV gound control points 70 x 70

Control points in two sizes

Our sets of 10 UAV ground control points are available in two different sizes. The robust and reusable target marks made of sturdy aluminum composite have dimensions of 50cm x 50cm or 70cm x 70cm. With one centimeter of space to the edge of the target mark, the checkerboard markers are thus 49cm x 49cm or 69cm x 69cm in size. The board thickness is 3mm for both variants; this means that the UAV registration marks are dimensionally stable and very durable. With a dead weight of 0.8 – 1.65kg per board, the ground control points can be easily placed in the desired area and do not require additional anchoring. Both models have a centric hole with a diameter of 2.5cm. This allows the control point board to be positioned on existing fixed points in the terrain. Thanks to a recess, the UAV GCPs can be carried comfortably!




Use of the UAV ground control points

Depending on the sensor used and the size of the ground control point, the ground control points are visible at a flight altitude of up to 120m.
In addition, you can quickly and easily use the control points to mark existing fixed points and combine UAV data with terrestrial data.

UAV-Passpunkte Verwendung

Compatibility & application of the control points

Our UAV GCPs are suitable for all drones and photogrammetric software solutions.
They are used in the following areas:

  • Architecture and construction
  • Industrial and plant engineering
  • Surface mining, earth mass calculation, digital terrain models
  • Energy and utility companies
  • Urban and landscape planning
  • Archaeology
  • Forensics

Buy UAV control points

You can find both variants of the UAV ground control points in our online shop:


UAV ground control points 50 x 50          UAV ground control points 70 x 70