PanoCam extension for the FARO Focus series

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Speed up your scanning process with the PanoCam extension for the FARO Focus series

When it comes to carrying out accurate and efficient laser scans, time is often of the essence. Anyone working in the surveying or construction industry knows how important it is to complete the scanning process as quickly as possible without compromising on quality. This is where the PanoCam extension comes into play.

The PanoCam system is an impressive piece of equipment that speeds up the scanning process by quickly capturing panoramic images. With the PanoCam adapter, you can seamlessly mount the included Ricoh Theta Z1 panoramic camera to your FARO FocusS, Focus Premium or Focus Core laser scanner. This combination allows you to create high-quality panoramic images in less time and significantly optimise your workflow.

An important part of the PanoCam set is the specially developed case, which not only allows all components to be stored safely, but also makes transport easier. With dimensions of 30 x 25 x 6.5cm and an empty weight of only 445g, the case is extremely handy and still offers sufficient space for the PanoCam, the adapter and the accessories.

Technical features of the PanoCam


In terms of technical features, the PanoCam impresses with a wide range of impressive features:

  • Equipped with two "Backside Illuminated" 1" CMOS sensors for outstanding image quality.
  • 23 MP camera for razor-sharp images.
  • Multi-step aperture setting allows you to choose between different apertures (F2.1, F3.5 and F5.6) to adapt the image quality to different lighting conditions.
  • 3-axis image stabilisation system ensures blur-free shots, even in moving environments.
  • 4-channel microphone enables the recording of high-quality audio.
  • 93" PLED display provides detailed information on camera control and battery status.
  • The PanoCam supports the recording of JPEG and raw images and therefore offers maximum flexibility for post-processing.
  • With dimensions of 48.0mm (width) x 132.5mm (height) x 29.7mm (depth) and a weight of just 182g, the PanoCam is extremely compact and easy to handle.

All in one set


In addition to the case and the PanoCam Ricoh Theta Z1 camera, the scope of delivery also includes a  protective cover, an adapter for the FARO PanoCam, an Allen key and a USB cable.

NOTE! If you want to use the flash extension for the FARO Focus Premium laser scanner, you need the PanoCam together with the adapter. In addition, either FARO Scene 2022 or newer for the FARO Focus Premium / Focus Core or at least Scene 2021 for the FARO FocusS is required to process the data.

With the PanoCam extension for the FARO Focus Premium, you can speed up your scanning process while maximising the quality of your images. Invest in efficiency and precision and benefit from an optimised workflow for your laser scanning projects.

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