PointCab Nebula - the cloud solution for all point clouds

Floating on cloud 9 with PointCab Nebula!

The cloud-based solution brings all point cloud data and projects securely into the cloud. Host your point cloud projects safely with PointCab & Viakom and forget those troublesome hard drives.
Easy access from all around the world, or just out of the comfort of your home office.

PointCab Nebula

What is PointCab Nebula?

Nebula is a cloud-based solution for all point cloud data and projects. These can be securely stored according to completely individual requirements, shared and conveniently edited in the browser. Developed by PointCab, Nebula is a cloud solution with six core functions:

One Cloud for all your data.

Not only can PointCab Nebula be used to store point cloud data and projects, Nebula also offers a wide range of options for organizational support. For example, documents, spreadsheets, a shared calendar, and more can be effortlessly shared with your team.

Complete Access Control

Who gets access to which data and for how long? Read-only or can the person with whom the data is shared also edit it? Determine yourself who is allowed to do what and for how long!

Tailor-made for point cloud data

Nebula offers a wide range of editing possibilities! Nebula is much more than a safe haven for your point clouds. Clearly visualize point cloud projects including 3D viewers, panoramic images and sections & layouts. Even measure distances and 3D points in the browser!

Flexible Hosting

Nebula offers a flexible and transparent hosting plan. More storage needed? No problem! With the flexible storage packages, the storage space can be flexibly adjusted at any time.

High data security

With Nebula, your point clouds are safe. Thanks to DSGVO-compliant data protection guidelines and hosting in the EU, your point cloud projects and all data are safe.

Easy data sharing

Nebula offers you fast and global remote access to all your projects in the cloud. This makes it easier to work with your team and customers.




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How PointCab Nebula works

The complete solution Nebula consists of two elements. Viakom's Nextcloud and the Nebula plug-in with the integrated web viewer. Both together form the complete solution Nebula for managing point cloud data and projects.

The Nextcloud forms the foundation

At its core, Nextcloud serves as the basic framework in the cloud. This is where all the threads come together: Storing, sharing and exchanging a wide variety of files such as spreadsheets and images. With whom and for how long you share which data is entirely up to you. Nextcloud also offers many other useful tools and functions for everyday work. For example, contacts can be managed and appointments can be set in a shared calendar. When it comes to data security, you can sit back and relax. The German-based company Viakom, stores and protects your data according to the highest EU GDPR standards!

Nebula - perfectly adapted to point cloud data

PointCab Nebula is based on Nextcloud. Tailored specifically for handling point cloud data in the cloud, it combines all the aforementioned features of Nextcloud with additional tools for point clouds. Thus, point clouds can be visualized directly online in the cloud. As a recipient of the data, it is therefore no longer necessary to download them. Floor plans & sections, 3D views of the point clouds and panoramas can be inspected directly in the web browser. With Nebula, even measurements such as 3D points and distances can be made directly in the browser!

Flexible hosting (PointCab + Viakom)

Forget those troublesome hard drives! You need more storage? No problem! The flexible hosting packages can be extended as you wish. The basic package already offers 500 GB of storage space. Would you like a bit more? Optionally you can expand your storage space in further 500 GB steps!