PointCab Origins 4.1 - New features & improvements

PointCab has launched its latest version of Origins 4.1. As of now, you can upgrade! The update introduces a whole bunch of new features and improvements to the point cloud software that will make many users happy.

Polygon editor for area-based tools

Now you can also view and edit the coordinates of the polygon points. As soon as you draw a surface with the area tool, you can adjust the coordinates of the polygon points as you like in the Job Editor.

Export origin point of sections in .dwg

As soon as you export a section in Origins, this section is also exported as the center of an additional CAD element. This way, the reference point is preserved and can be quickly restored if needed.

Customized 3D Points export to .dwg

For anoptimized project management, you can now export 3D points to a .dwg file. You can also decide which information should be saved in the dwg. file.

"Save as" functionality to .pcp

This new feature allows you to quickly and reliably duplicate your projects with the current editing status. 

Export orthophoto position

If you have a project with many sections, you can now export the positions with names and sequences (e.g. in a text editor). 

Toggle on/off names of panoramas

For an even clearer display of the panoramas, PointCab has added a third option. Using the "P" key, you can now show and hide the names of the panoramas. 

Sections with enhanced reflectivity

You can display the reflectivity in the panoramas and sections much better. 

Export all panoramas in different file formats

This new feature allows you to save all panoramas in any image format. The choices are:: png, jpg, tig, bmp and webp. 


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