PointCab releases PointCab Share - New free point cloud viewer!

Breaking news from PointCab!

Just in time for Christmas, PointCab, known for their fast and user-friendly point cloud software, releases a new, free point cloud viewer called PointCab Share!

With PointCab Share, it is now even easier to share results from the point cloud. Users can easily share and visualize their results from the point cloud thanks to this viewer. It is easy to share layouts, sections, measurements, panoramas, vector lines and much more. The recipient of the data can also take measurements quickly and without much effort.

Best of all, no new software needs to be installed and it's free.
The recipient thus gets a comprehensive visualization of the data and a better understanding of how the results were generated.

PointCab Share thus acts as a link in collaboration between different departments and industries.
In addition, it helps to minimize sources of errors in joint collaboration.
Thanks to the cooperation between PointCab and GeoSLAM, GeoSLAM Draw users can also use the new tool to conveniently share their point cloud data.

Watch the video to learn more about PointCab's new point cloud viewer and get a first impression of the software:



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