Product innovation! Pole mount for reference targets

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Simple solution for better results

We know from our own scanning experience: It is often not so easy to optimally position surveying accessories for scans so that they are visible to the scanner from different locations. Both outdoors and indoors, it is sometimes difficult to quickly and easily find a point where the surveying accessories with magnetic feet can be attached. You don't always have a flat, metallic surface to attach the respective reference marks, such as checkerboard targets or reference spheres.

For this reason, we have developed the pole mount for reference marks, a product that can be used to attach the reference marks quickly and easily. The pole mount can be attached to columns, pipes, poles or trees using the lashing strap. A precision measuring point disk for magnets with a diameter of 40mm is used as the holder; this makes it easy to attach our reference spheres, checkerboard targets and mini prisms.



The pole mount in detail

  • The pole mount in detail
  • Length of the lashing strap: 1.000mm
  • Maximum tube diameter: 318mm
  • Minimum tube diameter: 35mm
  • Elongation of the lashing strap: <5%
  • Mounting: 40mm precision measuring point disk (40mm centering)

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