The FARO Freestyle 2 is available!

FARO announces the new handheld 3D scanner Freestyle 2. This is the further development of the first version of Freestyle.

Major advantages are:

...the ultimate in flexibility

  • The Freestyle 2 is a portable handheld scanner and works standalone, i.e. the use of an additional computer is not necessary.
  • You can use the Freestyle 2 as a stand-alone laser measurement system for surveying objects and rooms, or in combination with a terrestrial scanner.

...photorealistic results with high accuracy

  • The further development of the handheld scanner makes it possible to scan high-quality 3D data in colour with an accuracy of up to 0.5mm.

...speed of scanning

  • You can scan objects and scenes in minutes without losing data.

...capture with reliability

  • By displaying the data of the scanning process on the integrated screen of the handheld scanner, you can safely check the results.
  • New tracking algorithms, a large scanning area and a modern user interface facilitate the scanning process.
  • The scanner's user interface includes integrated learning videos.

We are very happy that the new Freestyle 2 scanner has now been released. Our crew was already involved in the first concepts for the revision of the Freestyle. We also received beta test equipment and participated in the fine tuning.

Especially the large scanning area, the excellent data and color quality, the easy handling and the reliable tracking make this handheld scanner very innovative. We consider the handheld scanner as a good single measuring system or for combination with a FARO Focus Scanner to fill gaps in the measurement.

We still have to check this function, but we hope that FARO as a manufacturer can implement the combination of structured and unstructured point cloud data in the software FARO Scene well.

The device is particularly suitable for use in forensics. But we also see applications in the fields of construction and architecture as well as in industry.

FARO Freestyle 2 - Scan of a vehicle

FARO Freestyle 2 - Scan of vehicle interior


Do you have any questions? As a FARO dealer, we are happy to help you with advice and support. Simply contact us by phone at +49 (0)391 6269960 or by e-mail at


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