The robust carbon tripod for any scanner - The game changer!

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Looking for a lightweight, sturdy and flexible tripod on which you can mount various scanners? Then our robust carbon fibre tripod with a range of adapter plates is just perfect for you.

With a weight of only 2.2kg and a transport length of only 58cm, this carbon tripod is easy to take anywhere. The three leg segments allow you to use the tripod up to a height of 1.53m and at a minimum height of 0.13m. A circular spirit level ensures perfect alignment. Almost all scanners can be mounted on the carbon fibre tripod using the versatile adapter plates.

Adapter plates for almost all scanners!

In order to give you the greatest possible flexibility with the tripod, we have developed a range of adapter plates to suit a wide range of scanners. The adapter plates are available with the following connections: 3/8" (FARO), 5/8" (Z+F), Leica Pin (RTC360), Trimble Pin (X7 & X9) and 1/4". The plates can be purchased individually or together with the tripod. This means you can continue to use the same tripod when changing your scanner.


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