Update! PointCab Origins 4.0

PointCab releases biggest update in company history!

Our sister company PointCab released PointCab Origins 4.0, the biggest and best update to their point cloud software. At the same time as Origins 4.0 was released, a complete rebranding of the company also was made. Here's an overview of what Origins 4.0 and PointCab keep ready for you.



What's new?

In the course of the rebranding, the complete look of the company was modernized and the naming of the products was changed along with it. This provides more clarity by separating the company and its products. The former PointCab Suite is now called Origins and PointCab 3D Pro is now Origins Pro. Another recent addition is PointCab Share, PointCab's free point cloud viewer. In the course of the rebranding, PointCab's website was also completely redesigned and now shines in new splendor. While much of the original "Suite" and "3D Pro" workflows remain the same, you can see at first glance how much has changed.

New design and improved usability

With Origins 4.0, the visually a bit outdated software has changed considerably! At first glance, of course, the completely redesigned user interface stands out. While "PointCab Suite" and "3D Pro" looked a little outdated, Origins now has a clean and modern design. First time users profit from the new simplified toolbar design while super users can now customize their experience with the improved shortcut manager and design options. All in all, Origins provides a more enjoyable user experience then its predecessor.

Faster calculations and better handling of tools

Besides the design changes, Origins now also comes with faster calculations and better handling of its tools. For example, orthophoto tools like Layout & Section calculate and write all the set properties like color, reflectivity, delta and more in one go, which saves a lot of time. The vectorization tool, for example, has also received some snazzy and useful features. For example, automated edge detection has been improved and the option to calculate distances and areas from vector lines has been added.

Smarter workflow for CAD users

Since PointCab has implemented new layers, different elements can now be assigned to a specific layer, which improves pre-processing for different CAD software like AutoCAD. This, in combination with the new sheets, contributes to the improved usability. Now different elements can be hidden to get a better view tailored to the task at hand.

Improved registration and user-friendly compatibility

In addition to the checkerboard and reference sphere features, layers can now be detected for improved registration. It does not yet work fully automatically as C2C, but PointCab promised to deliver automatic level-to-level registration within the next few months with one of the revision updates. The development team explained that they had to heavily edit the software code to make these massive changes. For this reason, Origins projects are not compatible with previous versions. However, they wanted to ensure a smooth transition. As a result, Origins and older versions can be installed side-by-side, and projects are automatically saved for re-editing in 3.x versions when you update to Orgins 4.0. This is a big plus for users who have already created many projects with older versions.

What should I consider when updating to Origins 4.0?

To ensure a smooth transition to the new Origins 4.0, there are a few things to keep in mind. In the following video, all necessary steps for a successful migration to Origins 4.0 are explained:



PointCab Origins – what's new:

In the current webinar series "PointCab Geospatial Weeks", Origins with all its innovations has already been introduced.
In this webinar, CEO Dr. Richard Steffen and developer and support team lead Martin Graner present the new software:



What else is new?

If you take a look at the changelog on the new PointCab website, it becomes clear that a whole bunch of other features and improvements have been added. Far too many to list them all here. If you want to try PointCab's new Origins 4.0, you can now download the free trial version from their website. This first version of PointCab Origins should also trigger a new version of the recently launched free Point cloud viewer PointCab Share and their 4Revit plugin.

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