Update! PointCab Share 3.9 R8 released

Update for PointCab Share now available!
Only four weeks after the release of PointCab Share, the free point cloud viewer from PointCab, an update is already available.

PointCab Share

PointCab Share 3.9 R8 – What's new?

PointCab Share was released just in time for Christmas 2020, and now the first update is already available for download. We will discuss which user requests and improvements have been incorporated into the update.

1. Measure 3D points & distances in 3D bubble view panoramas

The most requested function, to be able to measure distances in the 3D Bubble View as well, has now been implemented. It is now possible to measure 3D points and distances in the 3D Bubble View in addition to the 2D panorama views.

2. Automatic use of high-performance graphics card

It is now no longer necessary to deal with the correct settings of the graphics card. The new version of PointCab Share takes care of this step automatically!

3. Added settings & standard opening view for panoramas

Panoramas are now automatically opened in 3D view (Bubble View) and in color (if available). All other views are still selectable as usual. If you prefer a different default view, you can easily set it in the new settings options for panoramas.

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More information about the update? You can find the whole list of improvements in the PointCab changelog.


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