We introduce: Trimble MX50 & GEDO GX 50

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Hello laser scanner friends,

In this video, Eric Bergholz introduces two new mobile mapping systems from Trimble.

Trimble MX50

The Trimble MX50 mobile mapping system is a laser-based surveying system for roads, urban inventory and also for construction site control. Surveying of volumes and profiles can be carried out with this mobile laser system. In addition to the laser, the Trimble MX50 is equipped with a panoramic camera and precise GPS positioning. Thanks to its compact design, the system can be easily installed on different vehicle platforms.


The new Trimble GEDO GX50 track measurement system is designed for mobile surveying and inspection of track measurement systems in railroad operations. By using a new laser module, two lasers can now be used, which can be arranged differently. This results in significantly better capture configurations.

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