What's new in Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS 2024.1?

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New features in Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS 2024.1 include

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS seamlessly integrates the capabilities of Geomagic 3D scan processing software into the SOLIDWORKS environment. Users can import and process 3D scans directly into SOLIDWORKS without having to switch between applications. The software enables users to quickly convert 3D scans into high-quality CAD models and post-process the scan data for a variety of applications, including design changes, simulation and 3D printing.

So what does the new update bring?

Neuerungen für Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS:

  • Support for SolidWorks 2024
  • Deviation colour map preview enhancements for easier analysis of deviating data
  • Visual enhancements for clear preview results when extracting features
  • Improved highlighting and selection of meshes and point clouds for better visibility and consistency with other Geomagic applications
  • Improved navigation command layout and UI/UX
  • Reconfigured ribbon for quick access to frequently used functions
  • Advanced options now visible by default to improve discoverability
  • Help icon now available in ribbon for quick access to help document
  • ~20 other improvements and enhancements

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