FARO Focus 3D 20

The FARO Focus3D 20 is a phase-based laser scanner. In contrast to FARO Focus 3D 120, Focus 3D 20 is only suitable for scanning objects in a range from 0.6 m (23.6 in) to 20 m (787.4 in). It is characterized by a high measuring speed at a maximum of 976.000 measuring points per second. The Focus 3D 20 is an affordable option for getting started with laser scanning. It can be controlled by a touch screen on the one hand and by an external laptop (via WLAN or cable connection) on the other hand. The phase-based scanner is equipped with an integrated color camera. The captured point clouds can be saved on an SD memory card and afterwards easily transfered to a PC. An internal battery allows the wireless operation of the FARO Focus 3D 20.

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