FARO Focus3D

The FARO Focus3D (actually FARO Focus3D) is a 3D laser scanner manufactured by the company FARO. The FARO Focus3D is a phase-based laser scanner and achieves an extremely high measuring speed of 976.000 points/second. The resolution and quality of the scans can be adjusted individually and according to the needs.

The integrated color option is of special interest: By means of the internal camera, realistic and colored scans can be created. Furthermore, the FARO Focus3D has an integrated altimeter and a compass. A dual-axis compensator adjusts an inaccurate horizontal axis.

The handling of the FARO Focus3D is effected by means of a touch screen. In addition, scans can be started and stopped via a WLAN remote control. The captured 3D data is saved on a SD card. The scanner is equipped with an integrated lithium ion battery which allows a duration of up to five hours.

Further information: 3D Laser scanner.