RIEGL VZ-4000 is a 3D laser scanner from the company RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH and operates using the time-of-flight measurement method. The laser scanner achieves a measuring speed of max. 222.000 points/second. It scans objects in a range of up to 4000m (157480.3 in). In contrast to the predecessor models, the RIEGL VZ-4000 has a maximum field of view of 60° (vertical) x 360° (horizontal). The 3D laser scanner can be controlled via the scanner's touchscreen or via LAN/WLAN on a mobile device, such as a tablet PC. The built-in 5 megapixel digital camera allows the creation of colored scans. Alternatively, an external camera can be attached to the scanner and used for colored scans. The captured laser scanner data (point clouds) can be saved to the internal hard disk or the built-in SSD card. For the connection of external devices, there is a USB port available. The RIEGL VZ-4000 can be operated by means of an external power supply or the optional NiMH batteries.

Further information on the predecessor model: RIEGL VZ-1000.