Guide to Reference Spheres

Are you looking for the perfect reference sphere for your fields of application? Do you lose track of the variety of reference sphere types? Benefit from the following overview to find quickly the reference sphere that is perfectly suited for your demands. The overview covers the spheres provided by Laserscanning Europe GmbH.

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XXLPrism Sphere (Ø 145mm)Prism Sphere (Ø 100mm)
Ø 145mm      x
Ø 145mm*1xxxx x 
Ø 200mm    x  

Magnet base*2

Usage for permanent marking*3xxxxxxx
Registration via mini prism*4xxxxxmini prism integrated mini prism integrated 
Fitting for optional adapters*5xxxxx  
Set optional
with reference sphere pedestals
xxx sphere pedestals separately availablesphere pedestal separately available 
Usage and storage recommended at following temperature range*60° to +50°*7-20° to +50°*7-50° to +70°-20° to +50°*7 0° to 50°*7-50° to +70° 
Number of spheres in a set6666211
Recommended usagesuited for tacheometric determination of reference pointssuited for daily usefor highly accurate measurements (industrial applications, quality assurance)suited for daily use and especially for travelingfor scanning objects with large sizesuited for connecting laser scan data and tacheometric measurementssuited for connecting laser scan data and tacheometric measurements

Further characteristics

sphere resists normal stresses

M8 female thread

sphere is very robust and long-lasting

integrated shock absorber

scratch-proof surface due to special coating

M8 female thread

up to 20 times more precise than standard 3D laser scanners

M8 female thread

M8 female thread

sphere with the smallest pack size (The sphere can be taken to pieces.)

delivery contents include a bag in addition to a bag

sphere resists normal stresses

with further accessories (tripod adapter, prism pole adapter) available as a set

M8 female thread

M8 female thread with a magnet screwed-in

sphere with integrated prism mirror

prism constant: -34.4mm / Leica: 0mm

5/8" male thread or 5/8" female thread

sphere with integrated prism mirror

prism constant: -34.4mm / Leica: 0mm


599.00 €
per set

749.00 €
per set

960.00 €
per set

1,299.00 €
per set

395.00 €
per s Set

399.00 €
per sphere

379.00 €
per sphere

*1 145mm is a standard diameter that is supported by all customary laser scanners (e g. FARO Focus3D).

*2 The magnet base allows easy attachment of the sphere to magnetic surfaces. For permanent marking of the sphere’s positions, measurement point stickers, measuring point disks and precision measuring point disks are a great solution. Marking the positions is especially advantageous for scanning at a subsequent date and for repeated measurements.

*3 Laser scanner reference points can be marked out permanently, for instance on fixed M8 thread rods/bolts. Reference spheres with such a characteristic have a female thread and, thus, can be screwed onto the reference points.

*4 The integrated ball screw as well as the precise fabrication allow the detection of the reference sphere by use of our mini prism.

*5 By means of special adapters, you can attach the spheres to your standard accessories (e. g. surveying tripods, tachymeter rods etc.) or to unusual surfaces (e. g. window panes).

*6 All reference spheres are approved for the working area (ambient temperature) of scanners. This temperature usually amounts to 0 to 50 degrees.

*7 When the sphere is used at very cold ambient temperatures (< -5 degrees), the painted surface might be damaged.

*8 As of September 2017. We reserve the right to modify our prices at any time.



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