Laser scanning user stories

Testing of laser scanning reference spheres - A comparison

In the scope of a comparison of different reference spheres, we tested how the single spheres behave in the sun and in the shadow. Position deviation and total number of scan points were subject of the investigation. Test objects were a sphere offered by FARO as well as four reference spheres manufactured by Laserscanning Europe: Basic, Flexi, UltraX and Traveler.

Merge data from handheld scanner and terrestrial laser scanner

Why should you combine a terrestrial and a handheld 3D scanner?

Everyone, who has already worked with a terrestrial laser scanner, knows the different challenges. You always have some areas that cannot be captured with a terrestrial laser scanner (such as Leica, Trimble, Z+F or FARO scanner) in consequence of size or limited accessibility of the object to be scanned or for lack of time.

Tutorial: Update FARO Focus3D firmware

In this tutorial, we explain step by step how to update the firmware of your FARO Focus3D laser scanner to the latest version.

Please take about 30 minutes for this update and follow all steps slowly. The update must not be interrupted! Don't skip a step!

Before starting the update, please ensure that the scanner's battery is fully charged. Connect your Focus3D X scanner to the power supply unit ensuring that no power outage could interrupt the update.

The update consists of two files:

Correctly positioning a laser scanner

Basic advice for positioning a laser scanner

A laser scanner can only measure what is visible from its position (in location and height). Said in a simple way, a laser scanner can only image what the human eye can see as the laser scanner also cannot scan behind corners. It is important to scan an object from various locations in order to receive a complete image as a scan result (point cloud). The more complex the scanned object is, the more measuring points make sense.

Correct resolution for laser scanning

Which resolution is best for working with my laser scanner?

There is a simple rule: Don't let the scanner work at its highest resolution but only with as much resolution as necessary. Scanner resolution depends on the scanned object, project requirements (requirements of accuracy, time available for laser scanning) and the distance between laser scanner and object.