Laser scanning user stories

Laser scanning trainings for beginners

The 3D laser scanning technology is used more and more in a number of fields of application. For instance, laser scanners are used more often in architecture, plant engineering and construction, aircraft construction or for the analysis of crime scenes. But you need extensive knowledge and experience to be able to understand the new technology and to use it successfully. In our laser scanning trainings, we show beginners what they need to know to be able to cope with whole projects on their own.

Collision analysis with 3D laser scanner

Collision analysis by use of a 3D laser scanner

For assembly analyses in the course of renovation planning, potential collisions are of particular interest for planners, constructors and plant construction firms.

By means of a laser scanner, the locations for assembly can quickly be captured and documented three-dimensionally. A 3D point cloud (laser scan) results from this 3D surveying with a laser scanner. How can a collision analysis be performed using the scans received?

Bentley Pointools V8i – Quick Start Guide


Written by Bentley

We understand that you may be eager to start working with Bentley Pointools before reading through the entire user guide, so we have created this quick tutorial to show you:

  • How to load a POD file
  • Navigate around the point cloud
  • Change some view settings; and
  • Create a basic animation.

For help with other tools, hit F1 in the Bentley Pointools app to open the full User Guide.

Laser scanning St. Elmo in Malta – Remains of an historic access

Malta is not only known as a vacation island; it has also experienced many power struggles in the past. In consequence of the island’s location, Malta was an important hub between the various empires and, thus, always a point of attack. Because of the numerous attacks, the Maltese invested into the construction of forts.

Surveying of Dunelm House at Durham University

The British company Bury Associates Ltd was commissioned to survey Dunelm House at Durham University. Since the roof leaks enormously, a refurbishment shall be realized. Fir the creation of a 3D model, the building has been survey by means of FARO laser scanners. In PointCab, images were extracted from the point cloud.

Read the user story on our PointCab website.

3D laser scanning and PC-Crash for the documentation of accidents

Highly accurate documentation of accident scenes by laser scanners

In order to analyze the course of accidents in detail, officials in charge often need more information on the accident scene than, for instance, photos can provide you. In these cases, a complete documentation of the accident scene is of major importance for clearing up the accident. For that purpose, each detail, such as skid marks, road markings, fluid traces etc., can play an important role for the reconstruction of the course of the accident.

Façade measurement by means of laser scanning

Laser scanning for highly accurate data

In order to capture a facade three-dimensionally and in detail, laser scanning technology has been applied. By means of the laser scanner FARO Focus3D, five scans of a facade could be created within one hour. The gained laser scanner data shall serve as a basis for precise, scaled drawings in the CAD system GEOgraf and allow detailed planning.

Survey of main post office Doha (Qatar) by use of PointCab

In 1979, the main post office of Doha in the Arab sheikdom Qatar has been designed and constructed by the British architects Twist + Whitley Architects. Beside the counters, the post building houses about 25.000 post office boxes. The building is characterized by many remarkable semi-monocoque roof elements. They bring light into the building and still shadow it well. At temperatures of over 50 degree in summer, this is necessary.