Laser scanning user stories

Laser scanning for conversion of production facilities

In the course of an extensive project of Intercem Engineering GmbH (, a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for cement industry, 3D laser scanning technology has been applied to accomplish the survey.

The project was composed of comprehensive tasks: a conversion of an existing filter on a concrete building on the one hand, and the integration of a new cyclone with filter system in the existing concrete structure of a heat exchanger on the other hand.

PointCab for Dimensional Sketches in Accident Documentation

Using 3D technology, traffic accidents can be documented and afterwards reconstructed. For this purpose, the traces and the final positions of the involved vehicles are preserved and documented with all details in a scaled sketch. The dimensional sketch serves for reconstruction of the sequence of events leading to the accidents whereby not only the vehicles’ directions but also the collision and driving speed are determined. Using the results, the injury severity of the occupants can be found out.

Measurement of a Facade via Laser Scanning


For the heritage-protected reconstruction of an ancient industrial building in Magdeburg (Germany), 3D laser scanning has been applied as method of measurement. The survey of three facades of the mentioned building was accomplished via laser scanner and the analysis and interpretation of data by means of the software PointCab and Geograf on a scale of 1:50.


Cost-effective survey of towers and complex buildings

Measuring complex building structures as well as buildings which are difficult to access, like the tower in the example, are very demanding with traditional measurement methods.

In addition, difficult conditions for setting scaffolding and a restricted time period for the measurement often occur.

In this case, laser scanning is often a sensible alternative to the traditional survey with tachymeter.

3D Survey of an Historical Industrial Building

3D Survey of an Historical Industrial Building with PointCab and AutoCAD Architecture for Analysis and Interpretation

The in situ scanning was realized without physical contact by a FARO 3d laser scanner within a time frame of about three hours. This approach allowed a thorough visual and geometrical analysis of the scanned areas. Analysis and interpretation were completed in only one day.

Survey of a High School by Digital Surveys with PointCab as Analysis Tool

Digital Surveys was awarded a contract for modernization and reconstruction of Skegness Academy, a high school located in Lincolnshire on England's west coast. The project required an accurate as-built model so that the engineers would have all necessary information available for planning purposes.

Redevelopment of a Mustard Factory

A project from Bouwsupport

The city—as a habitat and space for living—is undergoing a renaissance. People are looking for interesting properties. More often than not, old industrial buildings are renovated and turned into living areas. In this project, an old mustard factory was to be converted. The factory building with the shape of the letter U consists of several rooms over two floors. The rooms are filled with machines for production purposes and serve as storerooms and garages.

Laser Scanning in Plant Construction: Scanning of a Limestone Plant

For a cement factory located in the Near East, the German company ThyssenKrupp Fördertechnik GmbH was assigned a contract to scan and collect data of a limestone plant. The software PointCab by Laserscanning Europe was to be used for analyzing, planning and interpreting purposes.