Laser scanning user stories

Using Laser Scanning for Planning Pipe Routes

Two pipe routes for a leading French manufacturer in the field of plastic production had to be modified. Three different engineering offices were assigned the project, each of which was responsible for a certain task in the context of the project.

The first office managed the modifications of both extruders. Here, an additional end connector had to be installed.

The second engineering office was in charge of planning two filter units and a vacuum unit.

3D laser scanning and Tutankhamun

From now on, individuals can see and explore historical buildings, monuments and cultural heritage of peoples not only at exhibitions but also at home and in the form of realistic 3D models. Thanks to the sophisticated laser scanning technique used to create identical reproductions of original items, you will have the opportunity to see and examine extremely accurate reproductions of historical items formerly only available in the form of photos or as small models. That makes history more exciting than ever before!

PointCab for plant documentation of gas supplier industry

The Niederreihnische Gas-Technik GmbH (NieGaTec), situated in Moers, Germany, is a partner of the energy industry. The company provides a wide range of engineering services to service companies and suppliers of the energy industry, including municipal utilities and gas suppliers. As-built documentation is for planning and documentation purposes of plants and installations an indispensable feature. More often than not, this concerns gas suppliers, gas pressure regulator installations and gas pressure regulation and measurement installations.

Laser scanning in food industry

Kvejborg, a Danish partner of Laserscanning Europe, applies laser scanning as a measurement method in food industry.

Kvejborg is a Danish engineering company for the construction of tools and robot applications. Kvejborg already uses short-range scanners by the company Creaform for the measurement of tools and small components. The director Soren Kvejborg is a firm believer in the future of laser scanning and sees the application of this technology as an inherent part of the company.

ThyssenKrupp Drauz Nothelfer uses laser scanning for plant layout study

Increasing planning certainties through 3D laser scanning?

For a plant layout study ThyssenKrupp Drauz Nothelfer was assigned a contract to efficiently create complete plans and sectional views of an existing carmaker production plant. ThyssenKrupp Drauz Nothelfer considered the need to implement the laser scanning data into existing CAD systems (AutoCAD/FactoryCAD and RobCAD) without delay as one of the primary goals.

Laserscanner Daten mit PointCab in ViaCad

The laser scanning software PointCab allows using laser scanner data in ViaCad. For that purpose, PointCab generates scale floor plans and sections from point clouds in order to load them easily in ViaCad.
The following screenshot shows a floor plan of a church in ViaCad. The floor plan has been automatically generated from point clouds.
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How to effectively present your laser scanning results

More and more frequently, presentations that can be easily and quickly created are an essential part of successful laser scanning projects. Here, presentations are visualized to meet customers’ requirements and persuade viewers. By using presentations, you can provide customers with relevant information about potential advantages of laser scanning over the use of conventional methods.