Creation of digital stadium tour with 3D mesh - MDCC-Arena Magdeburg

MDCC-Arena Magdeburg

We on the court and you in the stands


In order to create a 3D tour of the MDCC-Arena, home ground of 1. FC Magdeburg football club, the stadium had to be digitally captured. The complete inner area of the stadium was to be captured by terrestrial 3D laser scanners in order to create a digital twin.

In addition to the laser scan data, several hundred panoramic images were to be taken with the Ricoh Theta Z camera. The aim was to subsequently process the captured laser scanning data and the panoramic images with Benaco's software, to transform them into a 3D mesh and to create a complete virtual stadium tour. On the one hand, this will enable visitors to explore the MDCC-Arena, but on the other hand, it will also help them to choose their seats for matches.

Erfassung MDCC-Arena

Equipment & Software

Two terrestrial 3D laser scanners of the type FARO FocusS 70 and FocusS 150 were used for the complete capture of the stadium with all stands, of course including the playing field.

The terrestrial 3D laser scanner FARO FocusS 150 ensures optimal conditions. Due to its large scanning range, speed and extreme accuracy, this system is predestined for such an application scenario. The scanners were mounted on our lightweight and robust carbon tripods.

A 3D panorama camera "Ricoh Theta Z" was added for the image captures of the later digital stadium tour. The FARO Scene software was used to post-process the scan data. With this software, the captured data can be processed quickly and easily for sharing after the project.

The digital stadium tour was then created in the Benaco software, in which the laser scan data was meshed with the camera data to create a 3D mesh.


Procedure of the scanning

In order to survey the stadium, the complete inner area of the stadium had to be captured – centrally located, of course, the playing field, all blocks including the boxes up to the roof of the MDCC-Arena. This complex task could be realized successfully by means of the two terestrial 3D laser scanners FARO FocusS. Of course, it was important to capture the stadium from as many different positions as possible to ensure a high overlap of the scans for Cloud2Cloud registration. For this purpose, the scanners were each placed at three different heights all around the stadium.

From the playing field, the lowest point, through the middle of the stands to the top row, the entire stadium was thus captured. Thanks to the robust and lightweight carbon tripods, it was easy to mount the 3D laser scanners firmly and securely on the steps of the stands. But their light weight also offered an enormous advantage when changing scan positions. This enabled a complete and comprehensive capture of the inner stadium area. While the stadium was being scanned by the 3D laser scanners, over 700 panoramic images were simultaneously taken by a specialist from Benaco. These special 360° images later made it possible to view the MDCC-Arena from all perspectives.

Due to the parallel capture with two laser scanners and one panoramic camera, the data acquisition took only 6 hours.

Scanning of the MDCC Arena with FARO Focus Laser Scanner

Stadium capture with FARO Focus laser scanner

Further processing of the scan data

The collected scan data from the 3D laser scanners were then processed in the point cloud software FARO Scene. The captured data could be merged quickly and automatically. With just a few clicks and little effort, the MDCC-Arena could thus be quickly spotted from all the individual scans.

Small adjustments and, if necessary, modifications could be easily made. In this way, the 3D laser scan data or the model of the arena could be passed on to Benaco in a short time. The exported 3D laser scan data was then processed with the panoramic photos in the Benaco software.

Benaco is a solution for creating realistic and accurate 3D models (3D mesh). The software processes color point clouds – preferably from terrestrial scans and panoramic photos of any kind to ensure high accuracy. The panoramic photos are automatically aligned to the colored laser data via photogrammetry. The high quality panoramic images allow maximum photo detail to be achieved.

FARO Focus laser scanner in use for surveying a stadium

The final result: An impressive 3D tour of the stadium

The final result is impressive!
The combination of 3D laser scans and high quality panoramic images allows unique results. Thanks to the Digital Twin, we have an exact image of the stadium. Every user can view the result directly in the browser; no special software is required. Integrating the tour into the website and app of 1. FC Magdeburg was also very easy.

The 3D tour can be used, for example, to revolutionise seat selection and ticket purchasing. Via iFrames, a ticket booking could be integrated directly into the stadium tour via Eventim, for example, so that stadium visitors could buy a ticket for their current seat in the stadium from within the tour. Other interactive possibilities also open up, such as the integration of special videos or images generated by fans during a match.

The best way to experience the 3D stadium tour through the digitized MDCC-Arena is simply to go there yourself:


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