FARO acquires HoloBuilder

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FARO expands Digital Twin Suite for AEC and O&M

FARO announced the acquisition of HoloBuilder – the pioneer in the field of Construction Progress Management.


HoloBuilder, the leading photogrammetry-based 3D platform for hardware-independent image capture, registration and viewing in the digital twin market, is now part of FARO. HoloBuilder and standard 3D cameras can be used to efficiently digitize and virtually manage construction progress. Construction progress can also be easily documented with time stamps. This means that even Q&M experts can manage plants in real time from afar.

What added value does the company acquisition have for FARO customers? 3D scans from FARO laser scanners can now be quickly and easily augmented with 360° reality capture images. Additional remote access functions will create the industry's first end-to-end solution for digital twins and implement comprehensive scanning and image management functions. Possible applications of this solution are, for example, the 3D simulation of robot assemblies, construction management, plant operation incl. management, mission planning.

"The high-value that digitalization brings to the AEC and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) industries creates significant market opportunity for FARO," stated Michael Burger, FARO President and CEO. "The addition of HoloBuilder to our offering accelerates the reality of a true end-to-end Digital Twin solution and advances our strategic objective of increased recurring revenue through market share gains in this large and growing segment."