LSE at the 15th International Police Conference

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Last week was particularly interesting and educational. The Laserscanning Europe team was at the "15th International Police Conference Photogrammetry / Laser Scanning" organized by the Police of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany).

Specialists in crime scene or traffic accident documentation and crime scene visualization from the police, supported by experts from forensics, science, surveying and forensic medicine, meet for a week every two to three years for a workshop at the Landesamt für Ausbildung, Fortbildung und Personalangelegenheiten der Polizei NRW (LAFP NRW).

This outstanding event focuses on the possibilities and limitations of documenting three-dimensional crime scene findings and their visualization – in the form of presentations and expert lectures on interesting cases as well as the latest technologies in hardware, software and quality management. Speakers and participants from 15 countries – primarily Europe, but also Canada and the USA – were represented this year.


As a contact for rescue forces and accident analysts, we offer different scanners (e.g. terrestrial and mobile laser scanners, handheld 3D scanners, GPR) for sale and rent and train teams in customer-oriented trainings.

In the area of Public Safety we deliver solutions for:

  • crime scene surveying
  • forensic investigations
  • securing of evidence
  • fire investigation
  • accident analysis
  • the disaster control
  • ...and more

Thus, we supported this year's event again with a technical lecture and extensive workshops on innovative scanning and software solutions.

We would like to thank the organizers for the excellent event organization and look forward to future events.