Petition: Open Point Cloud Formats

Petiton open point cloud formats

Petition for open point cloud formats - plus interview!

The petition launched by has great potential:

We all know how tedious the exchange of point cloud data can be. Most of the time, the data has to be converted at one point or another in an elaborate way.
Wouldn't it be nice to change that? If so, sign the petition for open point cloud formats!

Eric Bergholz spoke to Dr. Daniel Wujanz, co-founder of the petition, about this:



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What is it about?

The petition asks all hardware and software manufacturers to provide so-called software development kits (SDKs) for all interested parties. In this way, other applications are given the opportunity to read native point cloud formats and, optionally, to write them as well. In the best case, of course, the whole thing is free of charge and easy to license.

What are the advantages for the user?


✔ Easier & faster data exchange
✔ Seamless collaboration with the software of your choice
✔ Save time & money
✔ Service providers can develop customized solutions for your needs
✔ A big plus for innovation speed - thanks to free research


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