Scan glossy and reflective surfaces easily - with AESUB scanning spray!

Do you need to scan smooth surfaces, glass or reflective surfaces? Then here is a product that will probably knock your socks off! You could say it is almost magic. So, enough tension built up... we would like to introduce a product from AESUB! AESUB is a scanning spray manufacturer who develops scanning sprays that others still dream of.

With the scanning spray you can easily capture objects and materials that otherwise cannot be digitized with a 3D scanner. AESUB has launched two versions of the scanning spray on the market. We also use and sell the AESUB spray.


AESUB blue – The anti-reflection spray that vanishes by itself

The anti-reflection spray AESUB blue makes your scanning job much easier! It is so effective because it evaporates itself after scanning and no cleaning of the scanned object is necessary.
What does this mean exactly? You spray your object from a distance of 15 – 20cm; then you scan your object. The scanning spray disappears after a while and leaves no residue.e.

AESUB white – The scanning spray that stays long

AESUB white is a semi-permanent spray that is harmless to health. It does not contain titanium dioxide, which has been classified by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) as carcinogenic if inhaled through the respiratory tract. It is also designed for material compatibility; your scan object will not be damaged. However, you must clean or dispose of the scan object after scanning.

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AESUB in combination with ARTEC 3D scanners

The scanning experts of Laserscanning Europe have been working for years with the antireflective spray from AESUB, especially when scanning complicated parts with the ARTEC handheld 3D scanners. In the following video, scanning expert Oliver Niemann presents the spray AESUB blue in combination with the ARTEC Spider:


Test AESUB anti-reflective spray or save on sets?

If you want to test the quality of the AESUB scanning spray first or if you only have to capture small objects, then the individual spray bottles are a good choice. If you scan many or large objects like boats, then the purchase of sets of 12 spray cans is the more favorable alternative.

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Do you have further questions about the AESUB scanning spray? Then please mail us at or call us at +49 (0)391 6269960.
If we have aroused your interest, then get your new favorite spray for the scanning of otherwise difficult or even impossible to capture objects.