Teledyne Optech launches new service center in Europe

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Teledyne Optech, the Canadian manufacturer of advanced lidar sensors and measurement systems, has announced the opening of a new customer service center.

The new service center, located in the Netherlands, will be a European destination for customers who want to have their airborne, mobile and terrestrial 3D sensors serviced. It will also complement Teledyne Optech's existing on-site service and will allow for quick turnaround of repairs.

“We are proud of our customers and inspired by the work they do with our sensors and we are equally invested in their success. It is exciting for us to expand our world-class customer service by providing a local service center for our European clients,” said Michel Stanier, Executive Vice-President and General Manager of Teledyne Optech.

The new service center will support more than one hundred customers in Europe and the Middle East and will offer repairs and spare parts with short delivery times. It will also include the appointment of a full-time service manager and the creation of a pool of rental equipment.


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