Tripod for horizontal scanning - Our newest development!

Do you often scan facades, but only get incomplete results? You don't have the required space to install the scanner in different sites and at different heights in order to actually capture a complex façade completely? Even dormers, avant-corps and roof areas can only be poorly documented from the ground.

The solution: A tripod that sticks out of the window!

Scanning of facades, roofs and outdoor areas from windows or dormers with our tripod fpr horizontal scanning.

An innovative tripod for maximum flexibility

Together with a reputable tripod manufacturer, we have developed a high-quality horizontal tripod that perfectly meets the requirements of everyday scanning.
The product has such a high degree of innovation that we have been granted utility model protection for it.

In addition to facades and roofscapes, the tripod allows us to capture even elevator shafts, for example, very well.

A special feature is: You can attach your scanner to the tripod upright as usual, but overhead mounting is also possible.

With a fully assembled horizontal arm, you can position the scanner up to 260cm away from the outer facade. Thanks to the high stability of the tripod, vibrations are reduced to a minimum.


Different adapters for different scanners

Our proven safety adapter is used in order to mount your scanner to the tripod in an uncomplicated but still excellently secured way.

When buying your tripod, you can choose between the following adapters:

  • FARO Focus3D X series
  • FARO FocusS und FocusM series
  • Leica RTC360
  • Trimble X7

Further scanner models are possible; additional adapters will also be offered in the future. If your scanner is not listed, just ask us!

Please also ask your scanner manufacturer if your scanner is authorized for overhead scanning!

Profit from the opening price now!

Our tripod for horizontal scanning is available now. For the market launch, we offer our latest development at a top introductory price. The delivery times may be shorter than indicated in the online shop.

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