FARO Focus 3D X 130 HDR

FARO Focus3D X 130 HDR (actually FARO Focus3D X 130 HDR) is a 3D laser scanner manufactured by the company FARO and uses the principle of phase-based scanning. The HDR version has the same features as the predecessor model FARO Focus3D X 130:

  • high measuring speed of maximal 976.000 measuring points per second in theory,
  • range from 0.6 m (23.6 in) to 130 m (5,118.1 in),
  • laser class 1,
  • noise reduction,
  • integrated GPS receiver,
  • great scanning capability even in direct sun light,
  • control via a touchscreen or WLAN,
  • storage of captured point clouds and images on the inserted SD memory card,
  • power supply via internal battery (duration of approx. 4.5 hours) or external power source.

HDR imaging and HD photo resolution ensure true-to-detail scan results with high data quality.

FARO Focus3D X 130 HDR is perfectly suited for application in architecture, BIM, process industry, heritage, forensics and others. 

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