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Structured and Unstructured data

I'm a beginner in laser scanning.

For my thesis, I have laser scan data in e57 format.
I want to use AutoCAD Recap and Revit, but in recap 360 I can't register my data because it was unstructured data.

What is the difference between structured and unstructured data?

I'm currently using maptek i-site studio to register my data, but still i can't use it in revit or mesh my data.

Thank You

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Autodesk Recap for data from handheld scanners

Hello, I want to register data captured with a DotProduct DPI-8 scanner and a FARO Focus3D X130 laser scanner. I've read that I can use Autodesk ReCap for this job. Which version do I need ... ReCap Basic or Pro ?? What are prices ?? Thank you very much!!

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Autodesk ReCap für Handscanner Daten

Hallo, ich möchte Daten vom DotProduct DPI-8 Scanner mit FARO Focus 3D X130 Daten registieren. Nach meiner Recherche kann man dafür Autodesk Recap verwenden. Welche Version brauche ich davon... Recap Basic oder die Pro ?? Und was sind die Preise dafür ?? Vielen Dank!!

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