FARO Freestyle3D

FARO Freestyle3D – Handheld 3D scanner

The industrial-grade 3D handheld scanner

FARO Freestyle3D is the perfect handheld scanner for 3D documentation in engineering, architecture and plant construction as well as for capturing crime or accident scenes. Since no reference marks are required for the scanning job, you can document the desired area quickly and without great effort. With Freestyle3D, you digitalize objects and surfaces in real time and in color. During the scanning process, you can check the result straight on the tablet PC and verify the completeness of the captured area.


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Special features of FARO Freestyle3D

Maximum flexibility and productivity

FARO's Freestyle3D provides you 3D color scan data with excellent accuracy. Due to the lightweight and compact design, the easy and intuitive operation and the reliable results Freestyle3D is the best solution for challenges in 3D documentation. Since the device has laser class 1, it is eye-safe and can be used everywhere without any risk.

You can use the handheld 3D scanner to digitally document almost any type of surface and surroundings in a minimum of time. Thanks to the low weight and the slim design, you gain maximum flexibility. You can scan even confined and hard to reach areas in which you cannot position a tripod with terrestrial laser scanner. Afterwards, you can combine the scan data with captures made with FARO Focus3D laser scanners and, thus, ensure a complete 3D documentation of a scan area.


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The advantages at a glance

  • Up to 8 m³ scan volume in interior areas
  • Flexible wotk without artificial targets
  • Best ROI on the market
  • Seemless integration with Focus3D laser scanner data
  • Certified accuracy
  • Easy-to-use scanning software
  • No additional power supply required
  • Intuitive plug-and-play system - Freestyle3D doesn't need any warm up time!
  • Real-time visualization of the point cloud at the tablet PC
  • Lightweight and robust - The single industrial grade handheld scanner with IP 5X rating that is lighter than 1kg



Examples of application for FARO Freestyle3D

The 3D scanner for professional use

Due to the high accuracy for data capturing, FARO Freestyle3D is perfectly suited for professional scanning tasks. Within a minimum of time, you can document different textures and objects from differnet angles in high resolution. It doesn't matter if you need 3D documentation for interior fittings, Building information Modeling (BIM), plant design or forensic investigations, Freestyle3D is the perfect choice for many applications.

Simply use Freestyle3D for fast and easy 3D surveying and stop struggling with traditional time-consuming processes and means. With Freestyle3D, you can measure even complex shapes or confined spaces immediately in 3D. As results, you get detailed 3D point clouds that can be processed for your planning process.


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The handheld scanner for differnet needs

FARO Freestyle3D can be used in many application areas and is perfectly suited for different requirements:

Architecture & interior design

  • Measurements of complex structures and objects
  • Project supervision
  • Deformation modeling
  • Quality control
  • Enhancement to Focus3D scans for larger projects

Restoration & 3D modeling

  • Area construction progress monitoring
  • Built environment
  • Free-form components inspection
  • Deformations control
  • Reverse engineering
  • Restoration and conservation

Construction & facility management

  • Documentation
  • Planning of structural alterations
  • Re-planning of technical modifications


  • Crime scenes investigation and analysis
  • Digital proof collection
  • Process integration
  • Accessibility
  • Fire investigation

Accident reconstruction

  • Traffic accident investigation and analysis
  • Passive safety of cars
  • Collision reconstruction
  • Digital proof collection
  • Digital accessibility

Architecture and construction

Measure complex structures easily in 3D

With Freestyle3D, surveying complex structures in construction is a child's play. You can even scan narrow or hard to reach areas with this compact handheld scanner. You can immediately check the scanned area on the tablet PC to verify the completeness of the scanned surface. The obtained point clouds of the complex installations and surfaces can easily be transferred to a computer via SD card and processed afterwards.

Interior design by means of hand-operated scanners

Fast and precise 3D documentation

Due to the enormous scan volume, Freestyle3D is perfectly suited for detailed surveying of interior spaces. You have never documented rooms as fast, accurate and easy as you do with the Freestyle3D scanner. Even inexperienced users can operate the scanner and gain vest results thanks to the intuitive user interface.

3D scanner for crime scene documentation

Secure all evidence for eternity

The preservation of evidence at crime scenes is a challenge for forensic experts since they have to collect and save information by means of photos and notes. But this approach is very time-consuming.By contrast, 3D scanning a whole crime scene is made within a minimum of time and provides reliable detailed captures that are the perfect basis for investigation and accurate reconstruction of the progression of events.

Digitalization of accident scenes

Captures everything immediately

To capture accident scenes three-dimensionally, police and accident investigators often use the terrestrial laser scanner FARO Focus3D. If you want to capture details and complex structures, FARO Freestyle3D is an ideal enhancement. With Freestyle3D you are very flexible and gain a complete 3D documentation. The scanner is immediately ready for scanning and doesn't need any warm-up time. This way, you save time and minimize delays. Afterwards, you can combine the data with the scan results of a Focus3D scanner.


Mode of operation of FARO Freestyle3D

Capture intuitively in 3D

With a range of 0.5 to 3 meters, you capture objects and their surroundings completely with Freestyle3D. There is no need to position reference marks. Simply capture various objects and structures immediately in color from different angles. During scanning, you can check in real time on the tablet PC which areas already have been captured. This way, no information can be lost during data capturing.

The captured 3D data (point clouds) is saved on a SD card that allows an easy data transfer to a PC for further processing. The point clouds are edited with FARO Scene software. Then, you can export the data for usage in a CAD system, combined the obtained point clouds with other point clouds or share them online with project partners via SCENE WebShare Cloud.


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Workflow for 3D documentation

In just 3 steps to success

The workflow with Freestyle3D is as easy as you think:

Step 1: Scan

Capture the desired area by pointing Freestyle3D to the objects to be scanned and capture everything, that is in the scanner's field of view, at the push of a button. You can move the handheld scanner around the objects to actually scan all desired pieces of information.

Step 2: Process

In the powerful software FARO Scene, you can process your scan results (point clouds) and, when needed, merge with other point clouds that have been captured earlier with a FARO Focus3D laser scanner.

Step 3: Collaborate

To share your processed scan results with colleagues or projects partners, you can easily and securely upload the data in WebShare Cloud. You can also assign a password to your project.




Specification of FARO Freestyle3D

All data at a glance

Thanks to its lightweight carbon fiber structure and a weight less than 1kg, Freestyle3D allows a very comfortable handling. The 3D scanner is equipped with two infrared-cameras, a RGB camera and a laser source. Due to te tablet PC Microsoft® Surface Pro 3, handling and data capturing are very easy and intuitive.


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General information Specifications of FARO Freesytel3D
Range 0.5 - 3m
Resolution at 0.5m Lateral: 0.2mm - 1mm
Depth: 0.2mm
3D point accuracy/whole scan accuracy <1.5mm / 0.059 in
Typical lateral accuracy <1mm / 0.039 in
Single image point density Up to 45,000 points/m² at 0.5m distance
Up to 10,500 Punkte/m² at 1m distance
Recorded 3D points Up to 88,000 points/s, point cloud density increases with time
Typical noise (rms) 0.7mm at 0.5m distance
0.75mm at 1m distance
2.5mm at 2m distance
5mm at 3m distance
Eye safety Laser class 1
Lighting conditions Up to 10,000 Lux
Light source Built-in LED flash
Scan volume data 8.1m³
Typical field of view (HxW) 450mm x 530mm at 0.5m
930mm x 1,100mm at 1m
1,800mm x 2,000mm at 2m
2,600mm x 2,900mm at 3m
Typical angular field of view (HxW) 45° x 56° at 0.5m
45° x 59° at 1m
49° x 54° at 2m
49° x 52° at 3m
Exposure time 0.02ms - 10ms (auto exposure)
Texture color 24bit
Dimensions 260 x 310 x 105mm /
10.24 x 12.20 x 4.13 in
Connectivity USB 3.0
Weight 0.98kg / 2.2 lb
Power supply 5W, USB3.0-powered
IP rating IP 5X
Calibration Optional in-field user calibration with supplied calibration plate
Operating temperature range 0 - 40°C / 32 - 104°F
Operating humidity range Non-condensing


Software for Freestyle3D

The software supports you

FARO Freestyle3D comes with two software applications: SCENE Capture and SCENE Process. SCENE Capture is installed on the tablet PC and allows 3D data capturing and visualization in real time. During development, great value has been set upon easy handling! SCENE Process processes the scanner data after capturing, improves the quality of the scans automatically and provides perfect 3D data. The perfect interaction of both applications allows the creation of perfect results.



Questions or interest

Better informed as a user

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