Foundries and the Steel Industry

Foundries and steel industry

Laser scanning allows precise and economical measurements in foundries and in the field of steelwork fabrication and construction, presenting itself as a new solution to the market.

3D laser scans are realized and used during different phases of a project, such as draft, design, production, inspection and measurements of components, machines, installations and production lines. That way, laser scanning serves as a cost- and time-saving device while ensuring a high level of quality. 

Dimensional Measurements of Components in the Steel Industry

3D laser scanning enables quick and accurate collection of true three-dimensional information of components and creates true-to-scale realistic images of them. Collected laser scanning data can be analyzed through available software, which allows an accurate determination of all dimensions. Manufacture and production runs can be properly adapted through the collected data to achieve the desired end result.

It may also be necessary to inspect components in the field of steelwork fabrication and construction. Here, 3D laser scanning provides highly accurate results for even the most complex parts. By using laser scanning technology in the field of steelwork construction, engineers and workers profit from fast data acquisition and easy interpretation of the collected data, which translates into a huge time saver when it comes to inspecting castings. Time-consuming tasks, such as manually inspecting components and blanks, are drastically reduced.

Measuring Molds and Forms

Molds and forms for castings may also measured by laser scanning technology. These dimensions can then be checked against values and drawings. Therefore, deviations can easily be detected through comparison between actual and expected values. Further checks and analysis of existing laser scans can also be performed at a later date. That said, it is easy to see that this technology offers many advantages and benefits when it comes to the field of steelwork fabrication and construction.

Production Plants, Installations and Production Lines in the Steel Industry

For optimization of productivity, it can be useful to scan the entire production plant and production lines to use collected 3D laser scanner data for smoother and more efficient workflows.

Entire production plants, foundries, separate working areas and installations can be scanned and documented by laser scanning technology. For planning purposes, laser scanning is often used to check if and how pipes or machines can be positioned and installed. Even hard to reach areas and areas where stopping production processes is not possible during measurements can be scanned by a laser scanner.