FARO releases the new ScanPlan

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FARO releases the new product FARO ScanPlan. This is a 2D laser, which enables the simple capturing of building floor plans. In addition, ScanPlan has a camera to document interesting objects with an image. The data can then be analyzed in the CAD software Scene Zone 2D.

Areas of application include the public safety & security,  auch as police and fire brigade, in order to create 3D layouts for crime or fire investigations as well as threat assessment. The device can also be of interest to architects, the building industry and facility management.


How to use FARO ScanPlan 

ScanPlan is simply operated via a smartphone app. You move through the building and point ScanPlan at the walls. The 2D floor plan is displayed in real time in the app. You can also add photos of important details.


Prices for FARO ScanPlan are not yet fixed. We estimate the price could be between 8.000 and 12.000 euro. We will keep you up to date.


Do you have questions about FARO laser scanners? Simply contact us by phone at +49 (0)391 6269960 or send a mail to info@laserscanning-europe.com.


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