Scanning without a tripod? Use the universal ceiling mount for laser scanners!

Do you know the problem that you want to position your laser scanner but cannot set up a tripod?

Both our service staff and some of our customers have often faced this challenge. We have searched for a suitable adapter for a long time and did not find it in the end. That's why we have developed a flexible solution for stationary mounting of the laser scanner.

Our latest development: The universal mount for laser scanners

Using our adapter, you can attach a 3D laser scanner to ceilings, crossbeams, lifting platforms, walls and other flat surfaces to which our bracket can be screwed. We call our new development a "universal ceiling mount for laser scanners".

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How is the ceiling mount constructed?

The ceiling bracket consists of a base plate with holes, a spacer with 5/8" thread and a thread lock to prevent unintentional unscrewing.

Ceiling mount with 3D Safety Adapter - compatible with various laser scannersCeiling mount with 3D Safety Adapter - compatible with various laser scanners

The mount is used together with our 3D Safety Adapter, which secures your laser scanner optimally - even when scanning overhead. Our 3D Safety Adapter is compatible with laser scanners from various manufacturers, such as FARO, Leica Geosystems and Z+F.

How is the 3D Safety Adapter used in combination with the ceiling adapter?

One part of the 3D Safety Adapter is screwed to the thread of the ceiling mount, the other part to the base plate of the laser scanner. Then, you can insert the scanner with adapter part into the counterpart fixed to the mount and clamp it securely.

Have you become curious?

You find more information about our universal adapter and compatible laser scanners in our online shop.

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