Webinar - Automated modeling of airports for BIM

In the ClearEdge 3D webinar below, the possibilities for automating the modeling of existing data are presented using the example of two airport projects. For both projects, major reconstruction works were to be carried out; exact data for the planning in Autodesk Revit was missing.

These were the most diverse areas that can be found in a complex building such as an airport. These include arrival areas, technical building services (e.g. central heating and ceiling areas) and office space.

With the EdgeWise software, regular geometries can be automatically recognized in point clouds, for instance walls, ceilings, floors and pipelines as well as MEP elements (e.g. ventilation ducts). Users report time savings of up to 65% when creating BIM models based on scan data in Autodesk Revit.

The EdgeWise BIM Suite point cloud analysis software allows you to export the automatically detected elements to Autodesk Revit. These can be converted as Revit components and serve as the basis for the as-built model.

If you have any questions about laser scanners, automatic modeling in general or BIM in particular, please contact us by phone at +49 (0)391 62 69 960 or by mail to info@laserscanning-europe.com. We can also provide demo versions of ClearEdge 3D scan data analysis software.